What's it all about?

Founded in 2009 by Isabel White, Alarms and Excursions is a collective of cultural practitioners, specialising in multi-disciplinary practice and performance. Our work ranges across a number of art forms – performed, spoken and written word, music, dance, visual art and design, installations and events. We welcome new collaborations with artists working in art forms that are not currently in our portfolio.

Our values

We are committed to envisioning and creating work of the highest quality, and this is reflected both in our work, and that of all our collaborators. Pushing boundaries and seeking new ways to reimagine old forms, we aren't afraid of a challenge, in fact you might say we relish them!


Over the last 5 years, Alarms have created an exciting portfolio of events and happenings. Our best known work can be found on the 'Provocations' page of our website - original pieces which we create each year. You can find out more about our work in Poetry, Provocations and Elsewhere throughout this site.  


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