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Warp & Weft

Warp and Weft tells the story of 500 years in the history of one of east London’s best known streets, from the Brikk Leyne of the Middle Ages to the melting pot of culture that this street is today. Cockspur Willie, the Calvinistas, Mr Dumberbeyli and the gals in calico, are just some of the curious characters you’ll find on the way.


Warp & Weft premiered at Hoxton Hall as part of Soundmarks, an Arts Council funded contemporary variety show by experimental music and performance ensemble Contakt who commissioned us to create a  performance piece as part of the Soundmarks programme. It is inspired by the work of (amongst others) Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, Rabindranath Tagore and Salah Birsel, and featuring music by Thomas Tallis, enlivened by traditional Irish, Hindi, Jewish  and Turkish songs, jigs and chants.


Warp and Weft was written, adapted, arranged and performed by:


Isabel White (the Narrator)

Robin Pilcher (Brikk Leyne)

Cassandra Mathews (songs, guitar/flute, electronic mixes),

Sabina Virtosu (violin)

Irene Wernli (Time Passing) (choreographer/dancer)

Emma O’Rourke (design)

James Hodgson (provocation, staging)



Listen to the full performance below

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